The largest investment most people make in their lives is property. Knowing what the boundaries of that property are allows the owner a piece of mind when doing costly improvements.

The purpose of a Monumented Land Survey is to establish the lines of the defined boundary by observation and measurement and set or recover monuments that define the ends of these lines. It is the Professional Land Surveyor’s responsibility to make sure these monuments define the property correctly and are up to the standards set forth by state or federal regulations.

Depending on the size, availability of evidence and age of the property this can be a costly survey. Hiring a Colorado Springs Surveyor that is familiar with the area and experienced in Boundary Surveys can be beneficial.

Marr Land Surveying has extensive experience in boundary surveys from subdivision lots to Public Land section breakdowns. We are knowledgeable in researching public records, legal description interpretation and resolution of boundary conflicts.

Give us a call at (719) 660-8623 and we can help you with your Monumented Land Survey in Colorado Springs.

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38-51-102 (13), 38-51-103, 38-51-104, 38-51-105